Check out our most frequently asked questions below but if you don't see the answer to your question then just message us

Are your hats for men and women?
Yes, our unique design means that they will fit both men and women
I have loads of thick long hair, will your hats fit me?
This is our most frequently asked question. We find that our hats fit the vast majority of women that have thick or long hair. Our design has an elasticated area at the back to collect and hold hair in. Lots of women have been pleasantly surprised with the fit but we are more than happy to accept returns for refunds if needed 
Can you make a 'bouffant style' hat?
I'm afraid we only make one style of hat to keep things simple, we also find that it is the most popular style.
I really want my pet on a hat/ pocket is this possible? 
Yes we have done this many times, send us a message to discuss your ideas and photos 
Do you do discounts for larger orders? 
Yes we do a 20% discount for overs over 5 hats, send us a message to discuss your requirements. 
Can we get our own logo put on?
Yes we can do this too! Send us a message to discuss what you need 
How do I choose my own fabric?
Send us a message using the contact us form with an idea of what you might be after (if you don't know then don't worry!) We can then give you the link of our main fabric supplier to have a browse. There are literally 100,000s of designs for you to choose from!
How long do custom orders take to do?
Once your fabric has been okay'd by our design team it takes 3 weeks for fabric delivery, cutting, making and dispatch